Aviation Scholarship

In memory of the late Capt. John J. Sax (USMC), who tragically passed away in June 2022, our foundation is devoted to offering scholarships that support current and aspiring aviators, as well as college students pursuing academic endeavors within the realm of aviation. 

To achieve this, we collaborate with colleges and flight schools across the United States, providing scholarships to cover the expenses of pursuing degrees, accumulating flight hours, and obtaining aviation certifications, ratings, and licenses. Our scholarships are available to:

  • Aspiring and current aviators in need of financial assistance for licenses, flight hours, certifications, ratings, and more
  • Students pursuing college degrees in aeronautical science, aeronautical engineering, or other aviation-related fields
  • Individuals engaged in other aviation-related educational pursuits

With your support, we enable future aviators, engineers, and countless others to make a global impact, ensuring John's legacy continues to inspire and uplift generations to come.

Take Your Career to New Heights

At Capt. Sax Foundation, we believe that all aspiring aviators should have the privileged opportunity to pursue their dreams of flying in honor of Capt. Sax and his love for flight. In memory of him, we are offering our aviation educational scholarship, in collaboration with many flight schools and colleges, to any person who wants to soar to new heights.

We understand that the combined expenses of college tuition, licensing, certifications, ratings, and flight hours are not feasible for many aspiring aviators. With the help of an aviation scholarship, those interested in joining the aviation or aeronautical fields can get the financial assistance they need when they qualify for and are granted our annual aviation scholarship. With this scholarship, the winner can put the financial burden of tuition costs aside and focus on their studies and dreams.

How To Apply

The Capt. Sax Foundation works closely with colleges and flight schools to identify potential scholarship recipients.

If you wish to recommend your college or flight school for scholarship opportunities or share your personal story on why you should be considered for a scholarship, please complete the information form below.

Additional information related to eligibility can be found under the FAQ section of our website.  If you have further questions, please fill out our online contact form or email us at info@captsaxfoundation.org, and we’ll get back to you soon.

Next Scholarship Deadline: December 15, 2024