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Empowering Aviators: A Foundation Built on Passion and Expertise

The Capt. Sax Foundation's Board of Directors is comprised completely of military and civilian pilots, serving on a volunteer basis.  All fund proceeds will be disbursed directly to the scholarship recipients, flight schools, and colleges to support the foundation's mission.  All decisions related to scholarship awards are made exclusively by the Board to ensure that these funds reach the maximum benefit within the lives that they touch.

Capt. John Sax Foundation | John Sax | Capt. Sax Scholarships for aviation

Providing Aviation Scholarship Programs

Capt. John Sax had an incredible passion for all things related to aviation that was present throughout his entire life, and he always sought ways to mentor and share this passion with others around him.  Many would describe hearing John talk about his love for all things related to flight as “absolutely contagious." It was hard not to share that love that would only exponentially grow from speaking with John.

This extended throughout his entire lifetime, from going to air shows with his friends and family to growing up and becoming a Certified Flight Instructor after college, and then on to earning his “Wings of Gold” as a Marine Corps Aviator.  As a Marine Aviator, John could often be found helping his fellow pilots with their mission planning and taking calls from aspiring pilots, hoping to provide them with any guidance or encouragement that he could to help them accomplish their goals.

Knowing of John’s passion to invest in others and to work alongside them in pursuit of the love of flight, the foundation was formed to help others by continuing his mission.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was this foundation started?

As many know, pursuing an education or aviation career can be extremely costly. From college classes or flight school, to aircraft rentals and flight hours. John was grateful to be able to partially fund his own education through taking out college loans, applying for scholarships, and working as a student employee at Embry-Riddle. This foundation hopes to honor him by helping to alleviate the financial burden of pursuing an interest in this field.

Are there multiple organizations honoring Capt. John J. Sax?

The love that so many have for John is endless, and the desire to honor him through helping others is a beautiful testament to his impact on our lives.

Some distinguishing facts about our foundation:

  • It was started by John's wife, Amber, and is operated by a dedicated team of volunteers consisting of their close friends.
  • We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the IRS and a registered charitable trust in the state of California, where we currently operate.
  • We offer aviation scholarships, with our application form available on our website, along with eligibility parameters and spotlights on past recipients.

Please note that we are not affiliated with the sale of digital artwork or golf events and do not receive support from these sources. For more information on other organizations honoring John, we recommend visiting their respective websites and reaching out through the contact information provided for further details.

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