Capt. John Sax Aviation Scholarships: Applicant Selection Update

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Following the closure of our November 15th application window, we wish to express our heartfelt appreciation for each application received. The Capt. Sax Aviation Scholarship program, created in honor of the late Capt. John J. Sax (USMC) honors our mission to carry forward John’s aviation legacy. We accomplish this by offering scholarships to support the dreams of current and future aviators, as well as those pursuing aviation-related studies.

We are grateful to share that all submissions received on or before November 15th are undergoing a thorough evaluation by our board. To ensure each application receives the attention it deserves, we’ve moved our upcoming board meeting to later this month. During this session, the board will decide on the recipients for the first round of Capt. John Sax Aviation Scholarships.

We appreciate the patience shown by our applicants during this evaluation period and look forward to notifying each recipient. Understanding the significance of this opportunity in their aviation journey, we want to assure them that our board is committed to making well-informed decisions. We’d like to thank our supporters for trusting our board, consisting of 8 military/civilian aviators, with this impactful decision.

We encourage both our applicants and supporters to watch for updates on our social media accounts, linked at the bottom of this post. Your continued support is appreciated as we move towards this exciting milestone with the Capt. John Sax Aviation Scholarship program.

To candidates interested in the next scholarship selection round, we invite you to apply through our Scholarship Application portal:

Semper Fidelis & G.A.S.,

Amber Sax
Surviving Spouse of Capt. John J. Sax, USMC
“With All We Do, We Honor him”