Capt. John J. Sax Aviation Scholarship Recipient Spotlight: Christina Ramirez

Capt. John J. Sax Scholarship Recipient: Christina Ramirez

For our next Capt. Sax Scholarship recipient spotlight, we hope you will offer your heartfelt congratulations to Christina Ramirez. She is the second of fourteen selected for this first round of scholarships, given in honor of Capt. John J. Sax.

Christina’s journey to the skies has been nothing short of extraordinary. A survivor of domestic violence, she has faced the incredible challenge of providing for her children as a single parent and forging a new path for her family, including struggling with homelessness and relying on assistance as she relentlessly pursued a better life for her and her children.

Throughout it all, Christina’s heart has continued to direct her to the skies with her unwavering passion for flight. Today she is married with three incredible children, a highly regarded member of the Ohio National Guard, a student pilot, and a United Airlines Flight Attendant. In addition to dedicating the many hours required towards earning her Private Pilot’s Certificate and effectively juggling her military service, career, and responsibilities of motherhood, Christina manages an Etsy shop to support her flight training endeavors:

Drawing from the incredible path she has traveled and her relentless pursuit to become a pilot, Christina aspires to become a beacon of inspiration for fellow female pilots, single mothers, domestic abuse survivors, and those overcoming life’s challenges. She believes in leading by example, demonstrating that with unyielding perseverance, our dreams are attainable. Christina’s ultimate goal is to be a source of encouragement for others who, like her, have faced difficult paths.

We sincerely thank her for sharing her story with our board and giving us permission to help uplift and inspire others by sharing it with you.

Congratulations, Christina. We look forward to following along to celebrate your future success with you, grateful in knowing that Capt. John J. Sax’s story is now a part of your remarkable journey to the skies.

To apply for a Capt. Sax Scholarship, please visit our application page:
As a reminder, our next cutoff for an Aviation Scholarship given in honor of Capt. John J. Sax is May 15, 2024.

“With All We Do, We Honor Him”